Social Media Marketing

Establish an organic, direct and efficient communication with your audience. Benefit from the organic endorsement offered by Social Media, on top of Leads generation and sales.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all good promotion channels to grow a brand, to generate traffic, leads, Likes/ Followers and sales for B2C and B2B. Our team will give you strategic and creative support for:

  • Relevant Facebook and Instagram content on your business page
  • Engaging communications with your audience
  • Efficient analysis and distribution of budgets
  • Video optimization for optimal SERPs positioning
  • Generating ideas and creating Instastory, Swipe Up
  • Creating and optimizing Boards on Pinterest

Benefits of Social Media publicity

1. Extended visibility

2. Direct communication on human level

3. Growth of sales by proper exposure of products and services

4. Generating new traffic on your website for continuous smart retargeting

5. Raising brand awareness

6. Specific audience targeting

7. From fans to consumers reconversion and loyalty

TIPS: According to statistics, social media campaigns bring growth:

  • up to 84% in Brand Awareness
  • up to 57% in Market exposure for Products and Services
  • up to 50% in generating Sales Opportunities