Prepare the store for a new generation of buyers

The e-commerce sector has experienced significant growth in the last years, and the expectations for its development are high. There are some favourable factors such as the increase in number of internet users, mobile sales which gain more and more ground, and the pandemic period which led to a new purchasing behaviour; all these factors lead to a single direction: digitalization and e-commerce.

What is sold online?

Divided into product categories, online sales target: IT products, communication, electronics, household products, food and beverages, car accessories, fashion, sporting goods, perfumes, home and garden, household cleaning products, children items, books, services.

Retail Marketing - The Challenge:

Although the benefits of e-commerce are obvious, entering this market presents some barriers, challenges as well:

A particularly important challenge from the list below is consolidating a solid online presence and increasing sales.

  • first of all, it requires retailers to continuously invest in the chosen platform and its promotion
  • gaining the trust of the consumers requires time and appropriate measures
  • building a favourable reputation (harder to achieve online than offline)
  • developing the logistics system
  • quality related services
  • negotiation with providers
  • having significant human and material resources
  • others

In an environment where there are already certain retailers with a strong position on the market, and who benefit from a favourable perception and a well-established image, new retailers who will turn to e-commerce, will struggle and need to invest their resources to overcome these challenges.

Our team will offer you strategic and creative support with:

The method of displaying ads and their content
Creating a review system for clients
Methods of promoting mobile apps
Identifying proper tools and channels
Omnichannel communication method

Digital Marketing Recommendations

By developing an omnichannel marketing strategy, opportunities and challenges can be defined and development strategies can be determined in order to improve the consumer’s experience and the commercial benefits.

The Online managed to exceed the Offline

The most accessible and complete online store of natural products, NaturaliaBio offers clients the widest range of eco products and natural foods.

+1.700% keywords positioned in

+67% increase in the conversion rate

+90% revenue from Google Ads campaigns

+200% growth in Brand interrogation

+ 1 Milion million exposure through ads

+70% more new website users

*These performances are calculated after at least 3 months since our team started managing the account.

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