Email Marketing

It’s the year in which the user’s experience influences the success of an Email marketing campaign; if this marketing method will bring you sales or not, it will be because of the content of those e-mails which the Client will receive in their Inbox.

Profit with minimal investments

With minimal investments, through Email Marketing campaigns, you keep the public informed and loyalin order to generate repeated purchases. With the right way of addressing, the sales obtained from campaigns seem only a natural result:

Email Marketing - Main benefits:

The emails are customised, instant, and also arrive to those users which you did not target through PPC campaigns. A convenient channel which helps you to get to more mobile phone users if you send emails which motivate the public.

As opposed to developing a new app, this type of online marketing does not require significant investments, and the communication is still Mobile-based. Beside conversion, the purpose of the Newsletters is to move the potential clients to the next stage of purchasing.

  • audience/the Public already knows you
  • subscribers represent increased conversion rate
  • delivering information in the Inbox
  • optimal cost-effectiveness of investment (ROI), an average of 122%
  • customisation of messages to target different segments
  • increasing the conversion rate
  • fast monitoring of results
  • integration with tracking tools
  • personalised way of addressing based on interests and needs

How do we offer you strategic support?

We create smart segments in order to deliver useful messages to clients
Communication specific for the process of searching, loyalty or purchase
STE for a close connection to loyal clients
We communicate directly and customised, depending on the stage of each user
We deliver attractive messages from the searching stage to the reconversion stage

Digital Marketing Recommendations

About 60% of users prefer to receive offers via email.

Excellent results through Google Ads

MxHost is one of the most popular web hosting and related services companies in the field from Romania.

+200% keywords in Top 3 Google Organic

+120% increase in the number of orders from Google Ads

+90% revenue from Google Ads campaigns

+66% CRT from Organic environment (SEO)

-70% decrease of Cost per Click in paid campaigns

*These performances are calculated after at least 3 months since our team started managing the account.

Regarding my involvement in the relation between Casa Cărții and Diggers, for over 2 and a half years I have been enjoying a strong and beautiful collaboration: I was always provided with promptitude, openness, optimism, good ideas, efficiency and, of course, good results.

Timea P. / CEO , Ecasa Cartii

We always appreciate the professional and personal involvement in the StarShinerS project; a special team, available at all times. We could say that this is the most beautiful collaboration we had since we started the business! Thanks to the entire team!

Andreas M. / CEO , StarShinerS

The fact that we see growth year by year allows us to introduce new technologies for the year to come, which help the learning process in a practical and attractive way. It is a delight to be able to work with entrepreneurs who committed to ideally grow the business, with us as a part of it.

Florin M. / CEO , Eduvolt

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