Affiliate campaigns

People often buy products through websites which already have their own audience. Therefore, an affiliate marketing campaign contributes significantly to the success of a company and to a brand's online reputation.

Which are the right affiliate channels?

After recommending the right affiliate channels, , we will support you, beginning with establishing partnerships and the promotion strategy, , until the analysis of data investment cost-effectiveness.

Marketing Afiliat - Main benefits:

By adopting an affiliate, we help you broaden your connections and name exposure; we will identify new opportunities for you through a strategic interpretation of the reports from the platform.

  • increasing visits on the website
  • increasing the number of conversions
  • diversifying visits in different fields
  • increasing the chance of retargeting
  • exposing the brand on different channels
  • getting unique and relevant content
  • you only pay affiliates for finalised orders

How do we offer you strategic support?

We choose the best affiliate together
We help you broaden your connections and name exposure
We get profitable commissions
We identify new opportunities through an analytical interpretation of results

Digital Marketing Recommendations

Affiliation helps SEO through the fact that you get several backlinks to your website. Of course, this fact is efficient and possible if you chose high-ranking partners, whose audience shares and details the products or brand.

Important increases through affiliation

SharShinerS is a Romanian brand with a unique fashion concept, appreciated by over 300.000 women in Romania and Europe.

+70% more transactions compared to the previous period

+90% more revenue obtained from this channel

+25% increase of conversion rate

+90% more time spent on website by users

*These performances are calculated after at least 3 months since our team started managing the account.

I was very pleased with our collaboration, both with the solutions offered and the way in which they were implemented. The team was very receptive when it came to different unforeseen events, which were always solved in a very short time. Thank you and we wish you further success!

Camelia G. / CEO , MALA

We always appreciate the professional and personal involvement in the StarShinerS project; a special team, available at all times. We could say that this is the most beautiful collaboration we had since we started the business! Thanks to the entire team!

Andreas M. / CEO , StarShinerS

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