An important player on the local real estate market, focusing on green areas in the heart of Cluj-Napoca.

The Challenge

This real estate developer decided that one of their missions would be to bring nature as close as possible to the inhabitants of residential ensembles. The result: green terraces and natural decorations which reduce pollution within residential areas and also fulfill an aesthetic role.

Solution and Results:

The collaboration with Studium Green started in 2015, in the development area and it extended with digital campaigns: SEO, PPC, Social Media. The efforts in these last years have had the following results:

  • Sale of apartments in the ensembles: West Side Park, Venus, Vision Mansarda and, the most ambitious Studium Green project: Wings.
  • 2018 brought big changes for this brand with website modernization and adopting new online and offline strategies.
  • The Wings project has become our priority in 2019.
  • By using integrated strategies, we have managed to make it renowned at a European level.

Obtained growth

181% more website visits compared to the previous year
430% growth in branded search

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