MxHost is one of the most popular web hosting and related services company in the field in Romania. A true pioneer with a history of 15 years on the market and over 25.000 happy customers, a number which is continuously growing. MxHost offers full web hosting services, registration of domains, SSL certificates, VPS solutions and dedicated servers.

The Challenge

MxHost, a well-known company and brand, desires to obtain a higher market share in the web hosting services sector. The market is currently shared by some big players, as well as by many other resellers and small companies. The challenge is increasing the positioning in Google Organic and diversifying the list of keywords which attract potential customers to the mxhost website.

Also, other than the website optimization service (SEO), another challenge was refining the PPC campaigns and improving the campaigns’ results, in a market with a competition which increased in the last 2-3 years..

Solution and Results:

  • Increasing the market share.
  • Optimizing the already well-positioned website in order to obtain first position in organic results on the main keywords, but also discovering related keywords which can attract traffic from long-tail searches.
  • Suggestions for improving the website, the users’ experience on the website through actual UI and UX strategies.
  • Smart Google Ads campaigns, designed to increase the number of clicks, the conversion rate, brand awareness, and, meanwhile, to lower the conversion cost of campaigns and to improve the campaigns’ ROI.

Obtained growth

+200% Keywords in Top 3 Google Organic
+120% increase of the number of orders from Google Ads
+90%revenue from Google Ads campaigns
+66% CTR from the Organic environment (SEO)
+70 decrease of Cost per Click in paid campaigns

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