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A professional and dedicated team, with an in-depth understanding of the client. I am very pleased with the collaboration and strongly recommend them!

Radu / Executive Director , Server Config

We always appreciated, during the few months of collaboration, the quick replies we received, the advice from the DM team and, not least, the understanding you have shown us during this period.
For these reasons, we are very pleased and glad for choosing to collaborate.

Rodica C. / CEO , Motta

Our collaboration with the Digital Diggers has already passed the test of time and of efficient results. When the involvement and focus is mutual, the very good communication with the team makes the results appear right away. The relation is very good, supported by an experienced, timely, and proactive team.

Mircea C. / Commercial Director , Transart

We always appreciate the professional and personal involvement in the StarShinerS project; a special team, available at all times. We could say that this is the most beautiful collaboration we had since we started the business! Thanks to the entire team!

Andreas M. / CEO , StarShinerS

Da anni utilizzo i loro servizi online e in particolare SEO per i nostri siti internet europei con grande beneficio. Hanno sempre dimostrato grande professionalità e disponibilità.


I was very pleased with our collaboration, both with the solutions offered and the way in which they were implemented. The team was very receptive when it came to different unforeseen events, which were always solved in a very short time. Thank you and we wish you further success!

Camelia G. / CEO , MALA

Regarding my involvement in the relation between Casa Cărții and Diggers, for over 2 and a half years I have been enjoying a strong and beautiful collaboration: I was always provided with promptitude, openness, optimism, good ideas, efficiency and, of course, good results.

Timea P. / CEO , Ecasa Cartii

We have been collaborating for a few years on our real estate projects and we are pleased with the results. Involved, proactive and creative people!

Cristina C. / General Manager , Studium Green

I have been collaborating with the Diggers for 6 or 7 years on different projects, and on this project, we collaborated for almost 3 years for web optimization, SEO and Google Ads campaigns. Because of the enthusiasm, creativity, and results obtained I can strongly recommend you.

Camelia I. / Marketing Manager , Arobs Transilvania Software

The fact that we see growth year by year allows us to introduce new technologies for the year to come, which help the learning process in a practical and attractive way. It is a delight to be able to work with entrepreneurs who committed to ideally grow the business, with us as a part of it.

Florin M. / CEO , Eduvolt

Con Digital Diggers ho lavorato per diversi progetti, ognuno dei quali tutti con altissima soddisfazione. In definitiva consiglio Digital Diggers a tutti coloro che cercano professionalità ed un'altissima personalizzazione.

Caterina L. / CEO , Infinity Building Project

Un partner sicuro e affidabile. Sono ormai molti anni che collaboriamo. I vostri consigli e la vostra esperienza hanno sempre soddisfatto anche le richieste più complicate dei nostri clienti che esigono servizi di alto livello.

Emi F. / Managing Partner , Brand Care Milano